Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorative Lamps to enhance the attraction of your home

The ambience of a living area tells a lot about the tastes and artistic sensibilities of its owners. Most of us like to convert our homes and residences into areas that we would like coming back to. Some of us are art lovers and others have our own individual sense of style. We often buy light shade furniture pieces and other articles of home decor to give a dissimilar identity to our living areas. And one of the most important factors that we would need to keep in mind while we are decorating or sometimes remodeling our houses is that of lighting. Buying the right kind of lights, lamps, and fixtures is essential to attain a perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and aesthetic appeal in our rooms and living areas. The importance of different types of lighting such as period style lighting, antique lighting, art deco lighting, Victorian lighting, and tiffany lamps can be understood better in this background.

Lamps can add that bit of elegance that is much needed in any home. But for the uninitiated, a basic introduction of tiffany lamps is in order. Considered to be a part of the “Art Nouveau” or the “New Art” movement, an international movement in decorative arts that reached its popularity at the turn of the 20th century, these lamps come with many different types of glass shades showcasing floral and other plant-inspired motifs. Louis Comfort Tiffany, the originator of these lamps, helped coin their unique designs. Another master designer who has contributed significantly to the design of these lamps is Clara Driscoll, the director of the Tiffany Studios' Women's Glass Cutting Department, New York City.

As of now, there are a range of options in tiffany lamps for the interested buyer. There are the floor lights, the hanging lights, and the table lights – all handcrafted to perfection. The styles could range from Classic Victorian and Edwardian to modern. The deep bronze metal work and decorative foliate designs in many of these tiffany lamps can brighten up any room in a house. The glass shades in these lamps come in a range of design options as well and can go practically with any kind of decor that you might be thinking of.

You could use the tiffany lamps in your living rooms, dining areas, family rooms and kitchens. You can buy the tiffany style floor lamps to get that romantic flare in your bedrooms. The beautifully crafted lamps with stained glass panels are available in all shapes, sizes, and design options to cater to different tastes and aesthetic sensibilities.

And how do you ensure that you get to purchase the best quality tiffany lamps for your homes and living areas? The best option would be to search the Internet and identify some high-end providers that are involved in supplying different types of period style lighting for the art connoisseurs. With such a provider, you would get a wide plethora of options to choose from in tiffany lamps as well as other kinds of lamp shades. To know more about the different options in tiffany lamps and how you can procure one.

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